Notice of i-420 “Ground-Up” Clinic, 22-23 February in Annapolis, Charter boats available!

The Chesapeake Youth Sailing Team will host a 2-day i420 Clinic at the Magothy Marina, 22-23 February, from 1000-1500. This is a weather-permitting clinic, and we will attempt to sail as much as possible while also dedicating time to dry-land rigging, tuning, and finer points of boat-handling. This is a “ground-up” Clinic, designed for those that are new to the class, and will be a GREAT opportunity to learn from some of the most successful sailors in the class.
Many of the concepts, discussions, and drills in this clinic will be perfectly applicable to the Club 420 class; so don’t let the “i” 420 scare you!

Registration for the clinic is done in teams of 2, skipper and crew, and ideally you bring your own boat. Sail1Design has 3-5 charter boats available, first come, first served. If you do not have a partner, but would like to participate, you can take part in our dry land sessions, and possibly ride on a coach/safety boat.
To register/reserve a charter boat, please email or text 443-220-2089.

Current Registrants:

Fees for this clinic will go directly to defray i420 boat storage cost, gas, coach fee.

  • Clinic for team of 2, Saturday and Sunday:        $100
  • Clinic for team of 2, one day only                      $75
  • Clinic for single, both days                                 $50
  • Clinic for single, one day only                             $35
  • i420 Charter both days                                       $100

SCHEDULE (tentative, weather permitting, for Sat & Sun)
-1000           Meet at Magothy Marina / Rigging / Basic Tuning Concepts
-1100           Sail / Train on the water (weather permitting)
-1230           Lunch at marina or Sitzmann house
-1330-1500  Sail / Train on the water / Debrief

Please consider trying out the International 420
This is a great option for many youth sailors; the i420 is optimized for great sailing performance with a light, optimized hull, tapered spar, optimized foils, more rig tuning options, and an open rule on sails (sailors are free to choose any sail maker who builds class-legal sails). Sailors can learn a great deal with this platform, it is a SUPER fun boat to sail!
As its name suggests, the i420 also offers the potential for international competition, and the international class website is a great place to visit to learn more about this:
In fact, the boat is quite popular in Europe and around the world, and is the default standard boat for the doublehanded Youth Sailing World Championship each year. This is a nice potential outlet (like the Optimist Class offers), for sailors who seek to continue their competition level to the world stage. This, however, is NOT a requirement. There are enough i420 events right here on the east coast USA to allow for a GREAT experience.

Why sail the i420? The i420 offers great learning potential for youth sailors with it’s tuning options.
Also, the boat simply sails really well while still offering tactical sailing and learning opportunities. It is FUN, FAST, and stable.
The class also attracts some of the top sailors around the USA, and the world.

What’s the status of the U.S. i420 Class? Over the years, the class has developed a reputation of being expensive, and also somewhat exclusive. There is a perception that to excel in the class, a team must train constantly and at almost a professional level. Our program seeks to demystify this idea, encourage and afford youth sailors the opportunity to sail this boat, enjoy it, and take advantage of the learning opportunities it provides, and of course to have fun.
You don’t need to be a pro to sail this boat; you just need to love great sailing!
First, competitive i420’s are actually NOT expensive, and there are boats on the market right now that are quite reasonable.
Second, this year alone there are 4 “major” events on the east coast of the USA, and we hope to add more, right here in the Chesapeake Bay! In fact, between now and February, there are 3 excellent i420 regattas scheduled in Florida!! We are also planning a major, regional event right here in Annapolis at the end of July!

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