S1D C&I 420 Clinic Progress

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Six competitive teams are here this weekend at the S1D Magothy venue, training in 420’s with Coach Lior Lavie and Tom Sitzmann.
We’re into day 2 of the S1D “C&I” 420 Clinic, and things are going great.
Had a few bumps getting all the boats rigged, and one team didn’t have a c420 ready for yesterday, so they sailed an i420 instead, just to get out on the water. Then, about 15 minutes into their very first time sailing the boat, another team had their c420 mast snap in half. Ouch. So they were towed in, and came back out in another i420. So, we had 2 i420’s and 3 c420’s out there yesterday in a 10-20 knot southerly, and it was GREAT!!!
Lots of rust to shake off in boathandling, but the teams are working hard with 2 on-the-water sessions per day, with video at lunch and after sailing in the afternoon with Lior.
Forecast for tomorrow is really great, so can’t wait!!
Lunch Break Video Team De-Brief, with mic’ed up crews:  https://share.icloud.com/photos/0tbIi7F6Eq-mEWD4rM_xtk7NA

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