News 12/2/2020

Great news:
We officially now have a new home! We are going to sail out of Annapolis Sailing School. I am bringing 2 i420’s over to the site today (and maybe on particular Optimist). 2 more coming very soon (all training boats and available for sale or charter) and I believe that the O’Malley boat will find its way there soon too. So that’s 5 boats. When Thomas’s boat comes back from FL, we will have 6. Game on. Sounds like our (newly formed) local team of Chase O’Malley/Parker Moore are heading to the i420 National Championship coming up in December… COOL!! They trained together last weekend in Hampton, and I met them briefly there, but had both Tyler Moore and HYC Coach Max Plarr helping them out. These guys will be a team to watch!
This venue is absolutely a game-changer, and was and always has been my first choice. I helped host a USODA National Team practice here a few years ago, mostly because it offers almost instant access to a great training area (see photo and it is Area A); no wasted time towing out of a crowded harbor.and a short sail to ocean-like potential conditions in Area B. The venue has a crane for RIB launch, tons of floating docks, and also a super-easy beach-launch, along of course with ample parking lot storage.We are planning now a spring i420 event. Stay tuned.
We could sail i420’s this week if we have interest. I have a few things to go out and test, including some mast/rig work and maybe look at some sails again.I definitely have some sail testing to do in the Optimist class. As soon as the test sails arrive (I hope this week), we’ll be out there.Schedule coming soon.
Now, we need help. The O’Malley family has been an incredible help with this effort, and put together a liability waiver for us. I am grateful for this and need more. We hope also to work closely with Hampton/southern Bay sailors (4 i420’s there now) and support their efforts. It is vital to pull together on this.Maybe eventually we can set up a non-profit corporation. For now, please let me know if you would be interested in helping in a leadership role to get this project off the ground even more. I am encouraging any keen youth sailors to consider training with us; we will work very hard to improve, focusing on our core mission listed below.Sailors don’t necessarily need a firm partner (if sailing a 420), but that is certainly encouraged.How do you get involved? It’s easy, email or call me to join our email list, and learn more. 

Our mission is to provide access to the best possible sailing conditions on the Chesapeake Bay with world-level coaches to aspiring youth sailors. The team, specifically, will train on select weekends and week days with the goal of raising the level of all involved. We support interscholastic sailing and will not interfere with that schedule. This is not a beginner program, although we encourage teams that are new to the i420 who show commitment, determination, and dedication. We hope also to support/collaborate with Florida youth sailing teams and work with them especially in the winter months.

We also will place focus on developing player respect, humility, and appreciation for our sport and all that contribute to it. 

Youth training will focus on the following: 

  • Optimist 
  • Double-handed trapeze dinghy (International 420) 
  • Singlehanded (laser) 
  • Olympic classes (470, etc)
  • high school/collegiate style sailing & team racing (may have some cool news here soon too 🙂)


The team has four (4) International 420’s. For team members who buy in to the charter agreement, these can be used for training which will alleviate the need to bring your own boat. S1D has a RIB, and two trailers; a 3-boat 420 trailer, and a 2-boat 420 trailer. 


Tom Sitzmann will be the head coach and overall manager. We plan to bring in world-level coaches as often as possible, including Lior Lavie, Tomas Dietrich, Udi Gal, and more.

Again, we will focus on finding the best possible coaches that fit our core mission.

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