Saturday 12-5-2020 It Begins!

Wow what a day to begin! ….Way to go! Overall, it was amazingly cool to see i420’s ripping up the harbor today in 15-35 knots of wind.Thanks to Coach Matt Peter (USNA Ass’t Intercollegiate Coach) for coming out today, and for joining our team! It was a little much today for normal training, so we had a few boats go out and explore “Type-2 fun”. Parker Moore and Chase did an incredible job today, and didn’t let a broken trap wire stop them from continuing to elevate their progress toward a VERY good i420 team.Lilly/Zander went out and learned how much spray you can get in your face when you go that fast and you can see from the photos (link below) that they had the boat going really well. Very courageous for this team to launch with wind gusts as high as they were… and no capsizes or breakdowns. Thomas S. filled in as a crew for a bit and looked pretty good on the wire.The venue could not be better, and we are eternally grateful to Annapolis Sailing School for letting us hang out there today and going forward.We will plan more formal training tomorrow with conditions that should be a little more civilized.We would LOVE to have 1-2 more boats out there.. and there are boats available. Please let me know if you’d like to come out.PLEASE send interested and keen sailors our way if you’d like to try out this amazing boat.Plan for tomorrow (Sunday)

  • Arrive at 10 am at home base
  • rig up immediately
  • pre-brief/plan for day
  • go out and train in area A and sail, have fun, and learn

More photos here:

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