Optimist Practice 12-12-2020

What a beautiful day!

Today was surprisingly choppy (very) with fairly large changes in breeze strength. This meant that sailors should definitely be prepared to SHIFT GEARS almost all the time. Gear shifting while racing includes

  • mainsheet trim
  • body/weight trim and technique (downwind we need a fair amount of work)
  • changing “modes” from pinchy, to speed, to footing and back again
  • steering (we need a fair amount of work here too)

Team racing was fun and it’s amazing how everyone became much more aggressive with their boat-handling. Team racing is very humbling and can be frustrating. We do it for fun and to learn the basics…. and to learn about covering, wind shadows, team communication, and slowing/speeding up your boat at the right times. 

Every one did a great job and I learned a lot about some new sails. Thanks to Ellie and Annie for going out there with totally different sails and making them work.




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