Sunday 1/10/2021 Optimist Practice

Hi LIGHTER WINDS TACKING Great job sailing. We had some fun team racing too... Here are some videos of you all. You may want to compare yourself to the photos below: We focused on tacking today, and added the "double-tack" as an added item. Everyone made improvements, but we can be a LOT better. … Continue reading Sunday 1/10/2021 Optimist Practice

Optimist Practice 12-12-2020

What a beautiful day! NOTESToday was surprisingly choppy (very) with fairly large changes in breeze strength. This meant that sailors should definitely be prepared to SHIFT GEARS almost all the time. Gear shifting while racing includes mainsheet trim body/weight trim and technique (downwind we need a fair amount of work) changing "modes" from pinchy, to … Continue reading Optimist Practice 12-12-2020

Practice Sunday 12/6/2020

Perfect 9-17 knot NW wind and sunny skies greeted our team today at the new S1D Youth Sailing Team venue at Annapolis Sailing School. i420 training today consisted of boat-handling/body technique focus, along as always with sail trim and tuning. Teams started in Area A and then decided to head out to Area B for … Continue reading Practice Sunday 12/6/2020

i420/c420/ optimist open training day   @ Severna Park Practice

Great day of sailing this Sunday, with an easterly wind, 6-17 knots, beautiful all day. We had one Optimist out training and trying a new sail design, and 2 i420's out doing drills with Coach Brady. We also had 2 c420's show up and rig up, getting everything ready for the next practice day. Videos/photos: … Continue reading i420/c420/ optimist open training day   @ Severna Park Practice